I create lines & shapes, a visual rhythm, to tell stories.
I took a non-traditional route to graphic design, graduating from Herron School of Art and Design with a BFA in Printmaking and minor in Art History. During uni, I sought out internships and freelance in between long studio hours using presses, learning kerning the hard way with lead type on Vandercook presses during the day, while teaching myself InDesign at night. 
After graduation I pursued design as a career, working both in-house and freelance, agency and corporate, exploring all aspects of brand design for print and digital. In my roles I learned how to plow through production work, research, training younger designers, product and lifestyle photography, prototyping, and art direction. 
Illustration plays a heavy role in my work, ranging from production and prototyping needs to elaborately rendered standalone pieces. My digital illustration styles borrow heavily from my experience with screenprinting and lithography, but I haven't abandoned printmaking. I purchased and restored two mid-century Morgan Sign Company presses to work on letterpress and relief prints at home.
Want to get in touch? Send me an email at hola@naomi-maria.com or reach out to me on any social media.
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