Not a unicorn, but a Swiss Army knife.
Put me to work.
I took the scenic route to Ad Land. Self-taught and not shy, I stuck my foot in many doors, traversed through many industry categories, touched over fifty brands, and picked up production, client, and presentation skills you don't usually find all in one creative. 
Design isn't a creative passion, but my favorite puzzle. I love playing with the boxknowing when to stay inside it, when to push on it, and when to break it. Building an identity from the ground up is one kind of fun, but telling a story across multi-channel or integrated marketing campaigns is another. I especially love adding small details that mean something to the right audience.
Curiosity didn't kill me. Noticing things and asking questions landed me business meetings inside Taliesen West and Zulily HQ. Wanting big brand experience led to freelancing for the C-Suite at Salesforce. I'm always teaching myself new tricks, guzzling content for inspiration, and an early adopter of probably too many things. Ask me about what side project I'm working on or new book I'm reading.
The only brand creative you'll meet with five printing presses in their living room.
I have a creative life outside of work! In my spare time, I put my BFA in printmaking to use on three mid-century and two contemporary presses to work on letterpress and relief prints at home. People in my life get a lot of broadsides and other weird things.
Intrigued & wanna chat? 
Send an email to, book a Hangouts call with me, or reach out on social. Hablo español, parle français, e leio um pouco de português também.
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