Glyph Cuts
Personal Project, Typography 
The Morgan Sign Company Write-A-Sign press I own is somewhat rare and I have yet to find another font of rubber type for it anywhere. I know additional fonts existed, but since I can't get my hands on any that survive, I decided to cut my hand because this project was doubling as an opportunity for me to get better at linocut. 
I plan to test how well this substrate tolerates laser cutting or engraving. If it doesn't melt or catch on fire, I'll cut set in a geometric font like Gotham. 
I set up 247 glyphs in a template I designed and then used acetone to transfer laser print toner onto soft lino block. Then to bring these to the same height and make magnetic like the original type that came with the press, I slapped some flexible magnets on the back and trimmed them to size. 
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