Mrs. Pumpkin's Website Refresh
Digital Design, Photography Direction
Improving and expanding a local favorite's online face for a pivot to increase catering and takeout. 
Website design, print design, mood boards, photography in the wild, art direction of studio photography.
ROLE: Designer 
WheRE: Sales Factory

ACD: Sara Strassell
Copy: Jenna Layman
Mrs. Pumpkin's is a Winston-Salem bakery and kitchen that serves traditional Moravian recipes, sells a line of frozen pies in regional retail stores, and runs a successful school fundraising program. The business had recently changed hands and has ambitions to be more than a mom and pop bakery. 
I was on the team that created a new, substantially more informative website that was part of a larger effort to bring order to the brand's visual identity. My ACD created the initial site aesthetic by designing the first couple pages. Using wireframes from the digital team, I took over designing the remaining 19 pages along with new print and interactive PDF menus.
The previous iteration of the site had very little food photography and after a little bit of art direction for a remote shoot, we got some bright new tasty images to help people shop with their eyes. 
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